Church Interpreting in Evangelical Churches with Russian-language Services

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Irina Peremota “Church Interpreting in Evangelical Churches with Russian- language Services”

The researchers are more and more interested in examining different settings of interpreting. However, church interpreting, which has been historically significant to this discipline, seems to be left on the sidelines. The author of this paper, a church interpreter of 25 years, had been interested in “putting on the map” the field of her experience, church interpreting in Evangelical churches with Russian-language services, and creating a portrait of an “ideal” church interpreter based on users’ expectations. The research was started in 2015 with a pilot survey and continued in 2017. Overall, the data of 258 respondents from 146 churches, 24 countries (111 cities) were gathered using an online questionnaire and analysed in this paper. In this analysis, the author identified numerous criteria of good church interpreting and created the portrait of an ideal church interpreter.

Paper in English: Irina Peremota Church Interpreting in Evangelical Churches with Russian-language Services

Research of Latvian Translators and Interpreters’ Professional Activities 2011-2012

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Recently there has been a great interest in various aspects of translators and interpreters’ professional activities. The technological aspect of translators’ work has changed significantly in the last two decades due to the progress in modern technologies. Many recent studies carried out abroad have focused on translators’ and interpreters’ work environment, work regime and occupational health issues, as well as CAT tools and equipment used in work. However, no such research has been done in Latvia.

The aim of this paper is to analyse general information about translators and interpreters and to study various aspects of their professional activities. This paper presents the results of the research which was conducted in 2011-2012.

Research of Latvian Translators and Interpreters’ Professional Activities 2011-2012

Conference Translation and Gender, Riga, 30 September 2016

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Skrējlapa, baltaThe one-day conference Translation and Gender will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the disciplines of translation, interpretation, terminology, linguistics, literature, culture, cross-cultural and intercultural communication with regard to the concept of gender.

The aim of the conference is to focus on:

  • bridging gaps between theories and practices in translation and gender,
  • foregrounding varieties of exploratory research or gender-specific elements in translation skills and competencies,
  • highlighting the under-examined issues relating to gender in the practice of translation and terminology in different linguo-cultural contexts,
  • addressing the gender-translation research with regard to the national, regional, EU, UN agendas in gender equality policies and gender mainstreaming.

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Translators/interpreters’ informal meeting

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All members and friends of LTTB are cordially invited to the monthly informal meeting next Monday, 23.12.2012., after 18:00 at Cadets de Gascogne, Berga Bazārs, Riga. Let’s wish each other a very merry holiday season!

LIND-Web forum in Brussels, October 24-25

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IMG_5030DG Translation is hosting a 2nd forum for the EU language industry to discuss the sector’s added value and industry best practices which may help to enable further economic growth and to create more jobs.

The aim of the forum is to bring together language industry stakeholders (language service providers, both SME’s and large companies which require or buy language services, associations of professionals, …).

The event goes together with the Translation Studies Day. This will allow participants to meet and exchange thoughts with players from the language industry and the academia.

Anyone can follow the speeches and debates live via web streaming here

Optimale Declaration

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“OPTIMALE” – Optimising professional translator training in a multilingual Europe – is a network of 70 partners from 32 countries, funded by the European Commission, which cooperates with European language services and professional language industry associations to enhance the quality and relevance of translator training in higher education across Europe. For more information on the project, please visit our website at:

The purpose of the “Optimale Declaration” is to reassert the continuing need for high level, professionally-relevant translator training in a rapidly evolving economic, technological and academic context. It sets out the principles, objectives and conditions that we feel are required to ensure that European businesses and institutions can continue to find the high level multilingual professionals they need to promote their interests and their image on the world stage.


Call for expressions of interest — experts in translator training

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The Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission has launched a call for expressions of interest with a view to establishing a list of experts in the field of translator training.

The list will be used to draw up a panel of assessors to evaluate applications to join the EMT Network (European Master’s in Translation Network – The evaluation will take place during the week of 24 – 28 February 2014. Selected experts may also be asked to assist DGT with future evaluation tasks.

Applicants must have at least four years’ relevant professional experience in the training of translators and should be able to work in English, French or German. You will find further details at

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2013.

Applicants will be informed of the results of the selection by 2 September 2013.

Interpreters’ and translators’ informal meeting

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All over the world, translators and interpreters hold regular casual meetings to make acquaintances, discuss the latest news and expand their network. Now, this tradition is coming to Latvia. Join as for a cup of coffee, a quick bite, and a spirited discussion on our professional concerns.
We’re meeting every last Thursday of the month. See you at 18:00 on April 25 in Cadets de Gascogne, Riga, Bergs Bazaar.

Poetic translation of French songs into Russian

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chanson fransaiseOn March 21, Latvian Association of Interpreters and Translators celebrated Francophone Days with Anna Stroja’s creative workshop on poetic translation of songs from French. Various challenges in translating  songs from French into Russian were discussed, with illustrative examples and a live performance.

Translation Contest

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During Francophonie days the French Institute in Latvia has organised the translation contest for the sixth year in a row. Everyone aged from 18 to 25 can take part in the contest. This year contestants will translate a fragment from “The Club of Incorrigible Optimists” by Jean-Michel Guenassia.

For more detailed information please visit the French Institute web-site