How to join

How to join the Latvian Association of Interpreters and Translators?

Membership in the Association is open to persons who have a university degree in translation/interpreting issued by a state university or at least five-year experience in the field of translation/interpreting and/or text editing/proofreading, and two recommendations from two members of the LTTB, if such person’s professional achievements and reputation corresponds to the affiliation provisions and if such person recognised the Articles of Association, pays membership fee and participates in the LTTB activities.

The persons who do not comply with the aforesaid requirements and whose work is related to translation/interpreting and/or text editing/proofreading, can be admitted as associated members of the LTTB.

Honorary members are persons admitted to the LTTB at the meeting of the Board for their outstanding professional achievements or promotion of translators/interpreters’ profession in Latvia.

If you wish to joint the LTTB, please download and fill in the application, and send it along with your CV to