About us

The Latvian Association of Interpreters and Translators was founded in 2012. The association is a non-governmental organisation uniting professional interpreters, translators, sign interpreters, proofreaders and editors.

The association strives to develop the translation industry in Latvia, contributes to the professional competence of interpreters and translators, protects its members’ interests and promotes advanced training of the professionals.

Aims of the association:

  • protect the professional, economic and legal interests of Latvian interpreters, translators, proofreaders and editors;
  • enhance the prestige of the profession and respect in the society;
  • contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists, their advanced training and the increase of their professional competences according to the needs of society;
  • cooperate with public and non-governmental organisations, including foreign non-governmental organisations;
  • explain and spread the latest scientific and technical achievements in the field of translation;
  • publish professional periodicals;
  • facilitate international cooperation in the field of translation.