Elena Kostioukovitch, popular translator, writer and literary agent, is visiting Riga

She became famous in Russia due to her excellent translations of books by Umberto Eco into Russian. Since mid-80s Elena Kostioukovitch has permanently lived in Italy where she teaches Russian literature, works as an editor of Russian literature translations, and introduces high-quality modern Russian literature to Italian publishers. She is on friendly terms with Umberto Eco, Boris Akunin, Lyudmila Ulitskaya and other prominent Italian and Russian writers. E. Kostioukovitch often travels, gives lectures and translation master classes. She organised Umberto Eco’s visit to the University of Tartu in 2009.

Elena Kostioukovitch knows Italian art and culture; her essays about Italy of different periods have been published in Italian and Russian magazines. In 2006 E. Kostioukovitch wrote a thrilling cultural and historic book ‘Why Italians Love to Talk about Food ‘ which was translated and published in Italian, Russian, English, Polish and Estonian languages. It was also translated into Latvian by Mace Meiere and published at the end of 2012.

Elena Kostioukovitch gives lectures on different topics: Russian and Italian culture, translation theory and practice, Umberto Eco’s works, etc. She agreed to meet with students and teaching staff of the Faculty of Humanities of University of Latvia during her visit to Latvia.

Meeting with Elena Kostioukovitch will be held at the Faculty of Humanities (4a Visvalža Street)

on 28 February at 6:15 p.m. (room 204) and
on 1 March at 12:30 p.m. (room 401).

The meetings are organised by Jāņa Rozes apgāds and Department of Contrastive Linguistics and Translation, University of Latvia

Source: http://www.hzf.lu.lv

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